A Guide to letterbox contact

Letter box contact

Every year letter box contact seems to come round really quickly.

The first one I did I was really worried about what to put in. I know some people write theirs throughout the year and pop a little bit in every now and then with key things that have happened. But I’m not that organised.

I thought I would share with you some ideas on what to put in the letter.



I hope you are well?

Physical changes

  • how much they have grown,
  • their abilities - what are they able to do now that they couldn’t do last year
  • personality traits
  • things they are working on (could be trying to do the monkey bars etc)
How they are doing in school / nursery.
  • Have they made friends (don’t name them)
  • what do they like doing (be general if its things like going to the beach this can give away some locations)
  • What they are finding tricky / working on
  • Activities with school or groups they attend that they enjoy I.e enjoying football or swimming
  • What they like doing at home - park (be general) bike rides, colouring, play dough etc


Likes and dislikes
  • Food
  • Music
  • Tv shows


  • If little one has any questions about birth family
  • If little one wants to tell them something (remember about keeping identity and location safe)


From xxxxxx


I hope this helps. It’s not an extensive list, but it gives you an idea to get you started. I often end up writing 1-2 pages of A4 but that’s not at size 10 font!


I would love to know what you think,


Zoe x

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